Master of Science in Renewable Energy

The programme is offered in Makerere University (Uganda)

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Type of Academic Programme   Duration in Semesters   Study credits/hours Language of Instruction
 Masters  Four semesters  20 Credits/ 300 Hours  English

The overall objective of the MSc. in Renewable Energy programme is to train engineers and scientists in the area of renewable energy by providing them with core skills and knowledge needed in solving the practical challenges facing the renewable energy industry and the community in general.

The specific objectives are to :

  1. Produce world-class graduates trained in the principles and practice of renewable energy in Uganda and globally.
  2. Produce graduates with technical skills to contribute professionally to the energy sector in the fields of bio-energy, solar power, hydropower, energy efficiency and other non-conventional renewable energy technologies.
  3. Prepare students who have the ethical and personal commitment to succeed in their chosen fields, individually or in teams within government or private establishments.
  4. Produce future leaders in the field of renewable energy practice, scientific research or business.
  5. Enhance collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders, namely academia, government and the private sector
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Mobility for Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies

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