Masters in Embedded Systems

The programme is offered in University of Sfax (Tunisia)

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Type of Academic Programme   Duration in Semesters   Study credits/hours Language of Instruction
 Masters  Four semesters  30 Credits/ 245 Hours  English and French

The Masters in Embedded Systems addresses the contemporary trends of pervasive computerization, better performance, cheaper products and reduced environmental impact, while combining electrical engineering and computer science for applications in embedded software for controlling the power grid and energy-efficient wireless communication (e.g. high-performance applications (radar systems), underwater communication).

The goal of the programme is to qualify graduates who can develop embedded systems, because they will obtain the necessary knowledge to develop both the hardware and the software needed. The specific objectives are;

  1. Produce graduates with competency in development, implementation and management of energy efficient communication systems.
  2. Produce graduates with skills to perform independent research
  3. Train graduates for take up careers in industry, academics or research & development institutions
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