Masters of Engineering in Renewable Energy Engineering

The programme is offered in University of Zambia (Zambia)

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Type of Academic Programme   Duration in Semesters   Study credits/hours Language of Instruction
 Masters  Four semesters  60 Credits/ 360 Hours   English

The objective of Masters of Engineering in Renewable Energy Engineering programme is to provide professionals with technical and managerial knowledge and expertise in the renewable energy engineering sector. There is already a substantial demand for engineers with expertise in this area. The purpose of this programme is to help meet this demand. The graduates are expected to take up leadership positions in the energy sector and work effectively in the framework of national and international cooperation. The key programme objectives are to:

  1. Provide a thorough training in the principles of renewable energy systems;
  2. Introduce students to practical aspects of system design, monitoring and development of renewable energy systems;
  3. Train engineers, scientists, environmental scientists and policy analysts to participate in the development of the renewable energy industry in Zambia and internationally; and
  4. Address the social, economic and environmental issues involved with renewable energy systems.
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Mobility for Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies

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